A Day Tour to the mystical Stone circle of Stonehenge and a visit to the elegant and historical city of Bath.

Two World Heritage sites

We travel South to the chalk lands of Wiltshire to visit the mystical world Heritage site of Stonehenge. With your Blue Badge guide to bring the history to life, you will experience a unique part of ancient British history 5,000 years ago. How, and why, were these mysterious massive stones brought here. Much, but not all, will be revealed!

We drive on to the majestic city of Bath, to a time of Georgian elegance and the lives of the 18thC rich and famous. We discover the first purpose built resort in the world. Three hundred years ago the city was remodeled as a playground for the rich and famous to enjoy the prosperity of Britain’s Empire under the Geogian Kings. We trace the footsteps of Jane Austen along the wide pavements and architectural triumphs in mellow stonework which has earned Bath the World Heritage Site Status. Below the present day street we find the most important Roman remains in Northern Europe, in the form of the 2000 year Roman Baths, still filled by the gushing waters of the hot springs. While the Georgians played in the heyday of the 18thC, they didn’t realise the Romans had done exactly the same before them in the 3rd Century, using the hot water springs as a place of worship, entertainment and cultural centre.

Optional Extras to include :-

Roman Baths

Now hidden 20 feet below the streets of Bath, Roman life thrived  2000 years go as a place of worship to the Goddess Sulis Minerva and a cultural centre of 3rdC Britain.

Dress & Design Museum, Bath 

Probably the finest costume museum in Britain, the collection in Bath holds the earliest exhibits of fine craftsmanship and elegance which adorned the wealthy aristocracy  in 16th C England to the present day. 


The classical Georgian building once help the lavish dances and meetings of society.

Holborne Museum

The magnificent collection of William Holborne. Paintings sculpture and fine artifacts of the 17th C

Avebury Stone Circle and Silbury Hill


Castle Combe

Salisbury Cathedral